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I do love my 22 sheet shredder. A blue light comes on in the bin while it is shredding ;)

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I'm such a nerd. I'm all excited about the stuff that came in my Bureau en Gros (Staples outside of Quebec) delivery:

1) A Lexar SnapDrive Secure II Plus 8GB USB drive. It has a meter to show how much space is left. It comes with encryption, which doesn't work with Win 2000, which is what I have on my laptop. Well, I don't really trust their encryption anyways. I will be using TrueCrypt, which is open source and free.

2) A new six sheet shredder (it was less than $13).

3) Six packages of 10 green portfolios each.

4) A mechanical pencil that holds 20 leads and has a clear section, so I can see how many are left and an eraser that is 3cm long.

There was some other stuff, but that's the stuff I'm excited about.
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I'm taking a break and having breakfast. When I went into my office in the basement, I was met by tumbled boxes. Then, I heard/felt the squish of water in carpet. And, sure enough, there was water and tumbled boxes in the laundry room too. I sooo don't need this now.

The boxes tumbled because the bottom ones lost structural integrity when they got wet. The boxes are the stuff that went into storage when we had the sewer backup flooding in the basement. I just hadn't gotten around to unpacking them yet. 0_o That'll teach me, I hope.

I also had papers on the floor, so the current project is is hanging papers on wires with clothes pins. It's a lot harder than it sounds.

Thank goodness we have a ShopVac to get the water off the floor and out of the carpet. It's going to be a long job.


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