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Yay! The daffodils are here. They showed up today.

From Garden 2011-April

I've had some dumb leurgy for almost two weeks, complete with awful headaches on some days. It puts me in a better mood to see the weather getting springlike and Daffodils!
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Last year I grew rosemary, parsley, and Greek basil, as well as the chives that just keep coming back. This year I want to grow some more kinds of herbs.

Is anyone interested in sharing some seed packets? I have such a tiny yard, that I won't be growing much of any one kind. I figure if two or more people get together and choose some varieties, we could share the cost.
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I am delighted that I have lots of purple flowers in my garden. Anybody know what the purple ones on the left and the pink ones on the right are? They seem to be the same except for the colour of the flowers and leaves. I know the ones in the middle are violets. I transplanted those from the border of the small woods that used be across the street.

From Garden, Spring 2010

If anyone wants any, they are growing rampant in my garden and have escaped to my yard I would be happy to share.

The ones on the left are a transplant from my mommy-in-law's garden. She doesn't know what they are called, either. I bought the ones on the right several years ago (and nearly killed them). Loblaws called them "Purple Dragon".

There's another mystery purple/blue flower behind the cut. That's another transplant from the border of the woods. Anyone know its name? Read more... )
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I just remembered the cute garden pests, the squirrels. I have heard of using hot pepper to keep them away, but my neighbour swears they get it in their eyes. She also told me to put onion rings. The onion rings work for a several days, until they dry up. So, I just went outside and put a bunch of sliced onion where I planted seeds.
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I just took 10 minutes to plant some snow peas, lettuce, and radishes. I even made a little map, so I know where I planted stuff and marked on the date. I'm still wondering if I was supposed to soak the peas before planting. It didn't say on the package. A quick Google didn't turn up anything about soaking the peas.

Snow peas

Mar. 19th, 2009 11:04 pm
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Does anyone have any experience growing snow peas? My packet of seeds says to plant them in early spring.

Is it too early to plant them now? I have about a foot and a half of soil showing right next to the fence. It gets full sun for a little more than half the day. I know snow peas like cold, so I was hoping to get them in this weekend.

Are there an companion plants for snow peas?

Any tips?

Baby trees

Jun. 28th, 2008 03:48 pm
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I have a very tiny yard - about 16'x14'. Lots of things try to grow in my yard that weren't invited. Some of them are tree seedlings. I pull those out as soon as I see them. A yard this small doesn't have room for a tree. A tree would be close enough to the house to cause damage. I always think of The Little Prince and baobabs when I pull out little trees.
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I went outside to have a look at the stuff sprouting in the garden. The chives are bushy and growing quickly. I munched one leaf. It was yummy, chivey. Ha, how many people on the Island of Montreal can say that they have already eaten something that grew in their own garden this year?

Unfortunately, it was far too short a break in a very long day of tax return work.
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Weeding is easier when it rains every few days. I don't know why, but my garden always gets full of tiny trees. Whenever I pull out the tiny trees, I think of The Little Prince. I may not have any baobabs, but I don't want anything making my garden go boom.


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