Cat Pee

Jun. 28th, 2008 04:13 pm
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Since [ profile] sucha died, last November there hadn't been any incidents of cat pee in inappropriate places. A couple of days ago I found cat pee on some envelopes in my office. I sniffed the wet, to make sure it wasn't just water. It wasn't. But, it didn't smell like tomcat pee. [ profile] shreddy is neutered, but I have smelled tomcat pee in this house, back when [ profile] sucha was alive and they used to have pissing contests. I figured the tomcat smelling pee must be from [ profile] shreddy.

So, now I am left wondering. Did I accuse [ profile] sucha of peeing in inappropriate places when it was actually [ profile] shreddy some of the time? Or is the ghost of [ profile] sucha letting me know that she is around by peeing on my envelopes?
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About two hours ago [ profile] sucha passed away quietly.

From R.I.P. Sucha

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Little cat

Nov. 20th, 2007 02:10 pm
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[ profile] sucha doesn't seem to be suffering right now. Actually, at the moment she is sleeping. She is sleeping a lot. She is very weak and if she doesn't perk up again soon, as she has done several times before during the course of this illness, we may have to decide to have her euthanised. I'm hoping we don't have to decide. I'm hoping she dies in her sleep. I can't believe I wrote that I hope she dies. I can't write any more. I'm too worried and upset. For more read [ profile] swestrup's post
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We finally got up the gumption to bathe [ profile] sucha. No one was looking forward to this, but my goodness that poor cat was filthy because she isn't grooming at all. We also trimmed off a number of mats. And, I think she is as vain as ever. She really didn't want her picture taken:
From Shreddy & Sucha
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As most of you know, [ profile] sucha has cancer and is on medication. Well, she seems to have trouble eating. It's probably because she has managed to eat around her medication, so the mass in her mouth is getting bigger again. So, since we can hardly get her to eat, though she seems to want to eat, we haven't been able to get the meds into her in her food. So, today I caught her and held her in a towel and tipped her head back. [ profile] swestrup had the pills ready to drop down her throat. We got an anti-inflammatory pill down her. But, the damned anti-biotic pills just stuck to her tongue, so no luck with them. We lost one and found one on the floor. Next time we will try coating the pill with something so it won't stick to her tongue.

[ profile] swestrup got two small puncture wounds. I appear to be unscathed. She squirmed, but didn't fight as much as expected and she never screamed or growled. Kinda weird that the snarky cat is much less snarky than usual
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[ profile] sucha seems to be feeling a lot better. She still won't drink from the kitty fountain. Unlike [ profile] shreddy, she has not shown any fear of the thing, just no real interest. She has sniffed the water and walked away. So, I thought, if we take away all the other water, maybe she'll give it a try. No such luck. She stood next to the cup in the bathroom and hollered at me until I gave in and filled it with water. Just more proof of who is the boss at this house.

Roast beast

Sep. 3rd, 2007 10:38 pm
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The rule is that cats aren't allowed on the table while we are eating. In fact, they aren't allowed on the table once we start setting the table. But, once we get up, they are allowed to scrounge for leftover tidbits. The cats came up with this part of the rule and it seemed reasonable to me. My friend, Janet, was here for supper. So, when we were done, we forgot to put the leftover meat away. While we were drinking coffee, [ profile] swestrup suddenly said, "Does [ profile] sucha have a whole chunk of roast beef?" We all looked, and sure enough, she did. It really wasn't the plan, but it was within the rules. So, we just watched with amazement and amusement. She isn't usually interested in beef - she prefers chicken, lamb, and pork. The chunk started out about sizes with her head. I'm startled that she had that much interest in beef. I'm also surprised that she carried such a large chunk of meat to the floor. She is a very happy cat and snoozing now.

Yes, the medication seems to be helping. She is pretty much her old self for now.

From Shreddy & Sucha

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Today I bought the kitties this:
From Shreddy & Sucha

They are still somewhat sceptical. [ profile] sucha has actually tried drinking out of it. [ profile] shreddy is still a bit afraid of it. o_0

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She sleeps

Sep. 1st, 2007 12:03 am
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I guess the drugs are helping. She hasn't been yowling nearly so much, and now, she is actually sleepinganother photo behind the cut )
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I spoke with the vet today. The results of the blood tests show that [ profile] sucha is not having kidney failure and her liver seems normal. This means that we can increase the dose of her anti-inflammatory. This should shrink the "mass" some as well as help with pain a bit. She seems to be responding to the medication. She isn't yowling nearly so much (though when she does, she sounds hoarse). She is sitting on a chair, under the dining table, relaxing and taking cat naps. [ profile] shreddy seems a bit more relaxed too. The poor boy seems very concerned about [ profile] sucha.

I asked the vet about other pain medication for cats and she said the anti-inflammatory might be enough. There is something that comes in capsules, but she wasn't sure how easy it would be to give Sucha capsules. Ha! I told her how good Sucha was at not taking pills/capsules. You hold her head back and drop it down her throat. Then, you wait until she swallows. Last time anyone tried, it was the other vet. Well, we saw what looked like swallowing. But as soon as the vet let go of her head, the pill came flying out. I'm hoping the anti-inflammatory (prednisone) will have a good pain relieving effect and if that isn't enough, that we can open up the capsules and mix that into her food.

I also asked the vet how I would know it was time to have her put to sleep. The vet said, certainly not as long as she is eating with good appetite and getting around and can get to her food by herself. She said that a lot of cats get quite a bit better with the prednisone, but after a while it quits working. If that happens, that would be a good time.

I will be posting further updates, but, I will remove the comment feature, so friends won't feel obligated to comment.

I really appreciate all the concern, good wishes, and hugs.

edit: I just read that one of the many uses of prednisone is for migraines. That sounds like a pretty good pain reliever to me.
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I have decided that [ profile] sucha doesn't have cancer - she has a giant, horrible gum boil and the antibiotics will take care of it. Okay, maybe not, but there is a tiny chance. I'm anxiously waiting for a call from the vet with results of the blood tests.

I haven't seen my little, old lady cat sleep for several days. Of course, I don't usually pay a lot of attention to that, but now we are looking and I don't think she has slept in the past day or two. Poor little thing. She yowls a lot. Both [ profile] swestrup and I go see if she wants something often. Sometimes she wants to be scritched and sometimes she wants us to see something or maybe it's play tag. Following her around seems to distract her and make her happy, 'cause she puts her tail straight up. She seems to think it is great fun making the big apes follow her around.

She seems to have trouble, or pain, sticking out her tongue. It means we have to put her food on a plate, not in a bowl and we have to fill the water bowls to the brim. I was afraid that she was getting dehydrated, because she kept trying to drink, but didn't seem to succeed. The very full water bowls seems to make it easier for her. I have spent a fair bit of time with my head near the floor to get a good side-view of her eating and drinking. I can't wait to hear what the blood tests reveal.

I don't want the poor kitty to be suffering for no good reason. But, I want her here for as long as the happy, tail-in-the-air moments outweigh the pain. Damn, I wish I spoke cat.
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We have an appointment at the vet in about half an hour. We are bring [ profile] sucha to see if there is something seriously wrong with her. She stopped grooming her back half about three months ago. There have also been some behavioural changes. She is absolutely fascinated by water. She insists on having running water in the bathtub. Actually, she hadn't gone upstairs in years, but now spends a lot of time in the bathtub. She has very recently started yowling loudly, at all hours of the day and night and quite continuously. She sounds very demanding and sometimes it is because she wants something, but most of the time we can't figure out what, if anything, she wants. Maybe she is going deaf. She is 15 years old. A friend's cat started "talking" very loudly when she started going deaf.

We are going to a new vet. It's not that there was anything wrong with the previous vet and I'm sure she is competent. But, there is no real rapport. I met a vet from the new animal hospital when he was replacing my vet, while she was on vacation. Both cats adored him. I phoned [ profile] blacksquiggles to ask for a vet recommendation (since they have an ark-load of critters and live nearby), but spoke with [ profile] xipetotec. They use this animal hospital and like the place.

[ profile] swestrup's mum sent us some money so we can afford to take [ profile] sucha to the vet. I'm find out that I'm more worried about [ profile] sucha than I was admitting to myself.

Now I have to catch her. This is not usually easy. She isn't a cuddly cat. She almost never sits on laps. She hates to be picked up. I'll have to put her in a pillowcase. That way she won't see that we are putting her in the cat carrier. She freaks out when I try to put her in a cat carrier, but she doesn't mind being in it.

Well, I should know some more soon.


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