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We have an appointment at the vet in about half an hour. We are bring [ profile] sucha to see if there is something seriously wrong with her. She stopped grooming her back half about three months ago. There have also been some behavioural changes. She is absolutely fascinated by water. She insists on having running water in the bathtub. Actually, she hadn't gone upstairs in years, but now spends a lot of time in the bathtub. She has very recently started yowling loudly, at all hours of the day and night and quite continuously. She sounds very demanding and sometimes it is because she wants something, but most of the time we can't figure out what, if anything, she wants. Maybe she is going deaf. She is 15 years old. A friend's cat started "talking" very loudly when she started going deaf.

We are going to a new vet. It's not that there was anything wrong with the previous vet and I'm sure she is competent. But, there is no real rapport. I met a vet from the new animal hospital when he was replacing my vet, while she was on vacation. Both cats adored him. I phoned [ profile] blacksquiggles to ask for a vet recommendation (since they have an ark-load of critters and live nearby), but spoke with [ profile] xipetotec. They use this animal hospital and like the place.

[ profile] swestrup's mum sent us some money so we can afford to take [ profile] sucha to the vet. I'm find out that I'm more worried about [ profile] sucha than I was admitting to myself.

Now I have to catch her. This is not usually easy. She isn't a cuddly cat. She almost never sits on laps. She hates to be picked up. I'll have to put her in a pillowcase. That way she won't see that we are putting her in the cat carrier. She freaks out when I try to put her in a cat carrier, but she doesn't mind being in it.

Well, I should know some more soon.


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