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Mar. 2nd, 2015 02:03 pm
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It was the early 1990s and l lived on Jeanne-Mance, a bit south of Van Horne. One summer evening I heard a pretty, eerie sound coming from the alley through my open patio doors. It was two cats singing a duet. I had never heard cats make sounds like that. It was really pretty. Later that evening Neil Young's Harvest Moon came on the radio. Parts of that song sound very much like the duet I had just heard. One part is when the two ladies sing ooooooo. Another part is in the refrain when Neil Young sings, "on this harvest moon", including the accompanying ooooooo. Neil Young - Harvest Moon:

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Happy Birthday [ profile] cpirate
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Happy Birthday to my sweetie, [ profile] swestrup


Jun. 13th, 2014 03:54 pm
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This is just a test to see what this will look like when I use the "Share on Facebook" button.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] swestrup
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I would like to start making my own cat food. Does anyone know where I can get rabbit meat for cats, here in Canada?
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Happy Birthday [ profile] pphaneuf
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Happy Birthday [ profile] pythonian
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Happy Birthday [ profile] shreddy

16 is an impressive age for a kitty.
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Does anyone have any experience with either of the following Android cell phones: HTC One S or HTC Desire C?

Fido is making me offers about these phones and I would love to hear if they are any good and what the gotchas are.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] bodhifox

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I have a three bedroom, 2 story townhouse (and a 2/3 finished basement) with electric baseboard heating. I am tired of window air conditioners. With three upstairs, we can usually get the whole house cool. But, they block the windows. One of them needs repair and one started making a chugga chugga type noise. It isn't making that noise right now.

I'm thinking of getting ductless air conditioning. Does anyone have experience with ductless air conditioning? What should I be looking for? What are the gotchas?
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I do love my 22 sheet shredder. A blue light comes on in the bin while it is shredding ;)

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Advice: If you happen upon the skull of a dragon, leave that place quickly. For whatever killed it, may still be around.
---Thieves Proverb
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Yay! The daffodils are here. They showed up today.

From Garden 2011-April

I've had some dumb leurgy for almost two weeks, complete with awful headaches on some days. It puts me in a better mood to see the weather getting springlike and Daffodils!


Mar. 15th, 2011 08:21 pm
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[ profile] swestrup made supper. It was wonderful. It was Danish. It was mock armadillo (mock hare - meat loaf), roasted potato boats, red cabbage, and cucumber salad (which I made a while ago, it was in the fridge)

From Danish Food
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I made chocolate cake for dessert last night. I'm having some for breakfast. This cake is easy to make; you mix it in the pan in which it is baked; it is coarse and moist and yummy; it doesn't need egg. I love this cake.
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Last year I grew rosemary, parsley, and Greek basil, as well as the chives that just keep coming back. This year I want to grow some more kinds of herbs.

Is anyone interested in sharing some seed packets? I have such a tiny yard, that I won't be growing much of any one kind. I figure if two or more people get together and choose some varieties, we could share the cost.
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Happy Birthday Sweetie
([ profile] swestrup)


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